Class 1 2

What is the best way for Mrs Armitage to travel?

This half term’s focus text is Mrs Armitage on Wheels. The children will be focussing on describing appearances and character traits of Mrs Armitage by looking for clues in the texts. They will be writing alterative endings to the story which will be supported by opportunities to by design and make an alternative mode of transport for Mrs Armitage. During this half term the children will be exploring different materials and their uses. The children will carry out their own independent investigations, working scientifically and recording their findings. They will be responding to letters written by Mrs Armitage as they will be investigating which material is the most suitable to keep Mrs Armitage dry as she travels on her bicycle.

In Maths the children are continuing to develop their understanding of addition and subtraction, which will be presenting itself in a variety of ways, using pictures and images as well as 100 squares and number lines. The children will continue to explain their understanding using a growing mathematical vocabulary. They will also start to learn about multiplication and division using repeated addition and subtraction before moving on to arrays. 2D and 3D shape will also be covered and the children will be encouraged to identify and name the properties of these shapes.

In RE, we are continuing to explore the question; Who is a Christian and what do they believe?



Additional Resources

The National Curriculum in England