Class R

Reception Term 1 – All About Me

This term the Reception children will be focusing on the topic ‘All About Me’. This topic includes looking at; my family, my home, my day and my night, people who help me, keeping healthy and my five senses. Later in the term we will also be looking at; signs of autumn, harvest and colour which will bring us up to Christmas celebrations.

The children will be developing their Literacy skills by learning to recognise letters of the alphabet and pronouncing these sounds correctly.  They will begin to use their phonics knowledge to blend and segment CVC words in their learning environment and in story books.

The children will also be learning to count to twenty confidently. They will be learning to recognise these numbers in their learning environment and practising forming them correctly. They will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and will be looking for these shapes in the school environment.

In RE, we will be talking about what makes us special, who influences our lives and the special times for different religions, including Christmas, Diwali and Hanukkah. We will also be reading some of the stories in the Bible including Noah’s Ark and The Good Samaritan. ​

 Additional Resources

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