Class 5 6

Spring Term 2018- second half

Our topic is geography and research based. Groups will be undertaking research about different areas of the UK in terms of human and physical geographical features.   Their work will lead them to a presentation at the end of term and to designing a quiz based on their findings to enable others to learn factual information.

Our English work draws from the topic focus and will look at the features and style of information writing, the language of comparison and persuasive writing in the form of advertising places to visit and stay. There will be an emphasis on comprehension skills in reading as we near the Year 6 Sats tests. In grammar we will be revising main and subordinate clauses, prepositions, antonyms and synonyms, determiners and subject/ verb agreement.

We will begin with a short unit on area, perimeter and volume. Then our main focus will be decimals and percentages including rounding decimals to a specified number of decimal places, comparing fractions, decimals and percentages and multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 100. These skills will be practised both as arithmetical skills and within problem solving contexts.

Our RE work will centre around the theme of respect and responsibility in the Christian and other World faiths and study of the Easter Story.


Additional Resources

The National Curriculum in England