Class 5 6

Autumn Term 2017- first half

Our topic is called The Fairground and provides opportunities for combining science work on electricity with design skills to make a fairground ride.  There are also opportunities for art work, persuasive writing and debate and creative writing.

We will be reading a book called The Diddakoi by Rumor Godden which focuses on the life a young gypsy girl and explores issues such as bullying, name calling, anger and learning to fit in.

We will be learning about the geography of the British Isles.

As an extra mini topic we have been lucky enough to be invited to join in the research of the Ascension Church in Collier Row to visit the Imperial War Museum and find out about local soldiers who served and died for their country in the First World War.

Maths will include work on place value, the four rules of number, negative numbers and problem solving.

Grammar will include synonyms and antonyms, adding suffixes, relative clauses and parentheses, identifying the subject, verb and object and active and passive sentences (not really as scary as they sound!)

Additional Resources

The National Curriculum in England