Class 5 6

Year 5 and 6

Autumn Term 2017 – first half

Our topic is about the Tudors – the monarchs, life in Tudor times and the Tudor legacy in the local area and London. We also look at London as a capital city, its landmarks and features.
We will be visiting Hatfield House in Hertfordshire for a trip back in time to Henry’s England of 1544 and learning music to entertain the King. There will be opportunities for art and drama activities as well as research based learning.
Maths will include work on place value, the four rules of number, negative numbers and problem solving.
Grammar will include synonyms and antonyms, adding suffixes, relative clauses and parentheses, identifying the subject, verb and object and active and passive sentences.

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Autumn Term Parent Information Class 5 and 6

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Class 5 and 6 Yearly overview 2018

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