Class 5 6

Autumn Term 2017- second half

Why would Someone Build A Castle Here?

This topic has a history focus, beginning with some background on the Norman invasion of 1066 and a look at primary and secondary sources of evidence, fact and opinion.

There will be opportunities for individual research about the kinds of castles that were built in Norman times and how castles changed over time.

We will locate famous castles within the British Isles as well as places of historical significance. There are many opportunities for creative work around the theme including a fictional castles, knights and dragons theme and art work.

In science we will be looking at reversible and non-reversible changes in materials and how to conduct and record a fair test.

Maths includes a focus on division including revisiting fractions, decimals and percentages in problem solving questions and negative numbers.

At the end of the term Year 5 and 6 will present a musical pantomime of ‘Cinderella’ to which you are all invited.



Additional Resources

The National Curriculum in England