E-safety is concerned with the safeguarding of young people in the “digital” world and ensuring they feel safe when accessing new technology.

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Dame Tipping School recognises that parents may wish to know more about e-safety and therefore has provided links to several good websites aimed at helping parents.

An excellent website for parents and carers to learn more about internet safety.

UK Safer Internet Centre

The UK Safer internet Centre (SIC) is a partnership of three organisations with great experience and expertise in making the internet a safer place.

Think U Know
Specific advice for parents and carers. There are links to several websites which have additional resources and support for all age groups.

Hector’s World
A free online learning resource for children 2-9 years of age with parental advice.

The ​Vodafone Parents’ Guide
Developed with leading parenting website Mumsnet and tested extensively to ensure it builds parents’ confidence.

Their magazine, Digital Parenting,​ is also available online.

Additional Resources

Download eSafety Guide for Parents and Carers
eSafety Glossary