Pupil Premium

Planned Pupil Premium Expenditure 2017-18 Financial Year
Provision Objective Amount
Behaviour support from in-house support staff for PP pupils with challenging behaviour (1-1 hours) Minimise disruption in class by having some time in the learning hub.
Raise attainment of PP pupils with challenging behaviour.
Hardship fund and curriculum supplies to be provided to benefit PP pupils. Allow PP pupils to fully participate in the curriculum (including school visits and residential visits) £2,460
1-1 tuition to be provided for PP pupils who are not making expected progress and /or working below age related expectations Close the attainment gap between PP and non PP pupils.
Raise expectations of more able PP pupils and accelerate progress.
Behaviour support/counselling/
Specialist ADD support
Improve behaviour, raise self esteem and improve outcomes for PP pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties. £6,500
Total £20,960

For information on how the pupil premium funding helped to close the gap for disadvantaged pupils in 2016-17 click below:

Impact of pupil premium funding for 2016-17