School Uniform

The wearing of the school uniform is expected.  Please order uniform from


Dame Tipping winter uniform


Grey skirt, pinafore dress or uniform grey trousers
White blouse
School tie
School uniform sweatshirt. sweat cardigan, jumper or cardigan (maroon)
White/grey socks
Suitable shoes – black (no boots) – heels no higher than 1”

Cap with embroidered school logo


Grey trousers
White shirt
School tie
School uniform sweatshirt or jumper (maroon)
Grey socks
Suitable shoes – (black)

Cap with embroidered school logo




As winter uniform with white polo shirt with embroidered school badge OR a dress in appropriate material, predominantly yellow.
Maroon or white cardigan or sweat cardigan
Shoes or sandals (no sling backs) – black, white or brown
Heels no higher than 1 “
Socks to be worn at all times.


As winter uniform, with white polo shirt with embroidered school badge.


As above, but children in reception should wear polo shirts under their cardigans and jumpers all year round, for easy changing.

It is strongly preferred that children wear shoes rather than trainers, but if this is unavoidable, the trainer colour should be black.

P.E. Kit

Indoor P.E.

White T-shirt with embroidered school logo or other plain white t-shirt
Black shorts
Black plimsolls
Footwear must be a plimsoll; trainers are not safe on climbing apparatus.

Outdoor P.E.

As above, with the addition of suitable warm sports clothing (track suit, etc.)

Flexible trainers may be worn for some outdoor activities.

Earrings can be dangerous in PE and swimming lessons so please find out which day your child has PE and swimming lessons and send him/her without them for that day. This is a requirement set by the LEA for reasons of health and safety.

The children should have a coat in school at all times. Uniform school sunhats or school baseball caps will be worn on days when the children need protection from the sun.

P.E. bags can be purchased from the Red Oak Roller website.


From Year 4, all children will go swimming. Parents are expected to purchase a costume, bag and swimming hat (must be yellow or white) for their child.

Parents must purchase a swimming bag directly from the school. Swimming hats can be purchased in any sport shop.