After School Club Parent Information

Please call the school for more information regarding after school care hours


The Club aims to provide a safe, secure, fun and relaxed environment for the children in its care, and will endeavour to provide an atmosphere and activities that the children will enjoy.


The Club offers a range of activities catering for the varied age groups including board games, reading, craft activities, construction, sport and much more. The children are able to choose which activity they would like to take part in and the Club provides different activities each day. The children will be involved in developing the programme of activities. Children will be able to access age appropriate sports activities run by Foundation Sports on certain days of the week. Children will also have an opportunity to complete their homework at After School Club.


The ASC staff are directly employed by Dame Tipping Primary School. The ratio of ASC Leaders to children is 1:10.

Policies and Procedures

The ASC operates in accordance with the existing policies and procedures of Dame Tipping Primary School, which are available on request from the School Office or on our School website.

Terms and Conditions


It is our intention to make the After School Club accessible to children and families of the Dame Tipping Primary School Community.  Admission to the club is organised by the Supervisor and a waiting list system may be implemented if and when the need arises. The waiting list will be operated on a first come first served basis, with the exception of siblings who will be given priority to attend the same day as his/her sibling.

Parents/Carers must complete and sign a registration pack for each child attending the ASC.  All information provided to the ASC concerning your child will be treated as confidential.


(Subject to review on an annual basis)

The fee scale for September 2019 to July 2020 is as follows:

£4 per hour or £7.50 per session for Year 1 to Year 6 – 3.00pm to 5:15pm (4pm on Fridays)

Fees are payable half-termly at the start of each half term.  They can be paid via SQUID school pay. The school aims to set up as a child care provider in the near future, so that parents can pay with childcare vouchers. These fees will be payable for all sessions booked (fees will only apply when the school is open for pupils). No refunds will be payable in the event that your child or children are away due to sickness or on holiday or if someone collects them at the end of the school day (regardless of any notice given).

Non-payment for more than one month will result in your place(s) being terminated.

The ASC’s aim is to keep the fees to a minimum, whilst still raising sufficient income to cover the Club’s running costs, so please ensure fees are paid promptly.  If you are having difficulty paying fees, please speak in confidence as soon as possible to the ASC Supervisor.

If your child is entitled to pupil premium and you wish them to attend after school club, please speak to Mrs. Waters about reduced fees.

Changes to days and cancelling your place

One month’s notice of termination or of change of day(s) in attendance must be given. Requests for changes to days should be submitted to the Supervisor and will be accommodated where possible.

Absence from the Club

Please ensure that you inform the ASC (via the office)  if your child/children will not be attending. If you know in advance of any days when your child/children will not be attending during the following week, please try to let the Supervisor know by Thursday at the latest. In cases of illness or emergency when notice cannot be given, please call as soon as possible.

Arrival and Departure

Junior children will proceed directly to the ASC, which will be located in the hall and will assemble there at 3.00pm for registration. Infant children will be escorted to the hall by a member of school staff at 3.00pm for registration.

Children should be collected by a named adult, pre-advised on your registration form(s). All children will need to be signed out by an adult on collection. If it is not possible for you or whoever is assigned to collect your child to do so and you are asking somebody else, please advise us on the via the office.

We will adopt an agreed password system to ensure we can identify the person collecting. The Club finishes at 6.00 pm. If you are delayed for whatever reason please telephone office to let us know. A late payment fee of £10 per 15 minutes will be charged if collected after 6 pm. You may also be asked to make further contributions towards any extra staff costs incurred. If lateness persists then the child’s place at the ASC will be withdrawn.

Child Protection

Our aim is to create an environment in which children are safe from abuse and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We comply with local and national child protection procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately trained.  As indicated above, the ASC follows the existing policies of Dame Tipping Primary School, including current child protection procedures.  Details of these are available from the School Office or on the School website.

Equal Opportunities

The ASC is committed to equal opportunities as stated in the School’s Equal Opportunities policy.

Special Needs

The ASC makes every effort to accommodate and welcome any child with special needs. We work in liaison with parents and relevant professionals to meet the child’s specific needs.


The club operates a behaviour policy in accordance with agreed school policies. Children are expected to respect each other, staff and visitors. Staff encourage an atmosphere of care and consideration between all members of the club including children, staff and visitors.

The ASC encourages appropriate behaviour through praise for good behaviour, emphasis on co-operative play and sharing, talking to children with the courtesy that we expect from them and engaging children in activities. The ASC does not tolerate bullying, aggressive, confrontational or threatening behaviour or behaviour intended to result in conflict. The Club has procedures for dealing with unacceptable behaviour. In the case of violence or behaviour that poses an immediate danger a child will be required to be collected immediately. As an ultimate sanction a child may be excluded from the Club.


We are unable to care for children who are unwell. Please inform the Supervisor in the event of your child contracting any infectious illness. If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea please do not send him/her to the club for 48 hours after the illness has ceased, in accordance with school policy.

Accident and First Aid

Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the children at all times and the Club is fully insured under the School’s policies.  Staff are trained in first aid and a first aid kit is kept on the premises. In line with the School’s policies, the Club follows an accident procedure and fire drills are carried out from time to time.


In line with the School’s policy we are not permitted to administer medication unless a medical form has been completed and signed by the parent.

 Complaints Procedure

The ASC is run for our school community. We value the opinions of all.  If you have any queries, comments or need to discuss any matters concerning your child, please feel free to speak in confidence to the Supervisor, or any other member of ASC staff. Verbal complaints will be brought to the next staff meeting for discussion and action. All written complaints will be investigated in line with the School’s complaints policy. A full copy of Dame Tipping Primary School’s complaints procedure and policy is available on request.

General Information

If your child realises that they have left something in their class during or after attending the After School Club it will not be possible for them to go to the class to retrieve the item as it is not possible for them to have supervision to and from the classroom.

Children will be asked for preferences regarding the food they wish to eat for their snack. We will ensure that all children have something they like to eat. Typical foods will be toast with spreads, yoghurt and fruit.