Should children be allowed to use mobile phones in school?

Firstly, phones should be allowed to be brought to school because they have become a popular item that everybody wants to get. For example, say that a child has been left at school because his parents have forgotten to pick him up, he’ll have a phone to call his mum or dad to inform them that he is still at school.

Some people say that they’ll cheat by looking at their phones but phones have calculators used to work out stuff. Moreover, phones don’t only calculate but can give a lot of entertaining games, not that they will use it in class but during break and lunch. However, a multitude of people say that people will keep on cheating in tests.

Also people might get distracted during class by playing games and by calling people. In addition, some people might find it amusing to lose other people’s phones and take them away. Some children might show inappropriate pictures.

In conclusion, mobiles are a good way of contacting people. However, mobiles need to be used more carefully so they are not used too much or used for a wrong reason, otherwise they will be a nuisance instead of a great piece of technology.



Should children be allowed to use mobile phones in school?

Mobile phones are now a part of everyday life. Should they be allowed in schools?

Firstly, you could use your phone for a calculator if you are in a test and you need a calculator. Although, if you are on your electrical device for too long, you may feel unwell. 85% of people get a headache or worse and might go home and miss some education. Also, if you have a very expensive phone, you will have an 80% chance of getting mugged.

In addition, you could use your amazing phone for some important research for school in lessons like Maths, English, History, Science and Topic. However, if you’re walking home from school, you can tell your parents how far away you are.



Should school uniform be banned?

Do you think uniform should be banned?

Firstly, uniform should not be banned because it makes them look smart and not scruffy. Also if there is a school trip, then it will be easier to find them. In addition, if there is a visitor, then they may feel more welcome.

However, uniform costs a lot of money. A complete shop costs over £30! Also if your uniform gets stained then it is more to wash and the stain may not come off.

Moreover, wearing their own clothes is more comfortable and children may have to go out after school. However, research shows that they get on more with their work with school uniform because they will not show off with the latest fashion.

In conclusion, school uniform should be a good thing if worn correctly but it costs a lot of money.



Should we wear school uniform or not?

Some people say school uniform looks smart. Other people say it doesn’t and it is uncomfortable for children to wear. If you have somewhere important to go, uniform takes a long time to get off. However if you do wear uniform it takes one minute to get off and change into other clothes.

On the one hand, if children go on a school trip, it represents the school but on the other hand 85% of parents say it costs a lot of money and we shouldn’t wear it because you have to get the right jumpers and cardigans.

Should we wear it or not?



Should children do more PE?

On the one hand children should do more PE because you can get really active and you will get better at sport. On the other hand, people will get exhausted and will fall asleep in class.

However if you do PE you will miss your school lessons like Maths, English and ICT, which are more important to your future. On the other hand, with country’s obesity problem, perhaps being fit and healthy is just as important as learning to read and write.

In conclusion, children should do a little more PE as staying fit and healthy is very important but not too much so they don’t miss out on their education.



Should we have more PE?

PE is an enjoyable lesson that most children thoroughly enjoy, but should they do more of it?

Some people say that children should have more PE because it is very beneficial for the body. When they are active, as well as losing weight, they will share jollity. It has been statistically proven that 95% of children who have PE lose more weight. In addition, if more PE takes place, more opportunities will arise, leading into more school teams.

Other people say that children shouldn’t because they won’t learn as much Maths and English. Research shows that 89% of people who don’t do work live unfortunate lives. Also, with all the matches, it will be very time consuming and the parent might not be able to attend.

In conclusion, PE is an enjoyable lesson, however people have various views. What do you think?