It has been lovely to welcome all the children back this week. We also welcome our new Deputy Headteacher, Mr. Matthews, new Class 3 and 4 teacher, Miss Smith and a new Year 5 pupil, David. We hope they will all be very happy at Dame Tipping.

We have had a great start to the term, with the children settling well, working hard and displaying excellent learning behaviour. We have been focusing on our class codes of conduct this week, with each class deciding how we can ensure that everyone is happy, safe and able to learn. Please talk to your children over the weekend about what they decided as a class.

Congratulations Mrs. Williams!

Miss Davies, our Midday Meal Supervisor got married during the holidays and is now Mrs. Williams. We would like to wish her and her husband, Ricky, every happiness in their married life.

New Behaviour Policy

Following discussions with staff, children and parents, the school behaviour policy has been updated. The policy can be found on the website on the ‘About’ page under ‘Policies’. Please read the policy, as it explains how we are helping children to become responsible for their own behaviour and parents’ role within this. Please note: we are no longer using the ‘stay on green’ system or gold book, but are continuing with house points, commendations and ‘work of the week’.

New Safeguarding Policy

The updated safeguarding policy is also on the website in the Policy section.


Clubs for this term will begin on Monday 19th September (not next week). Any clubs which incur a charge will need to be paid for before your child’s place is confirmed. You will receive a letter to say which clubs your child will be attending. Cooking and Football clubs will be charged at £20 per term (approximately £2 per session). This is to cover the cost of ingredients and to pay the coaches. As in previous years, each child will be allowed to attend 2 clubs per week. Years 4,5 and 6 have the exciting opportunity to take part in Mr. Matthews’ choir, which will be performing at the ‘Young Voices’ concert at the 02 arena in January.

School Shoes and Socks

Just a reminder that school shoes need to be completely black (or white for girls’ sandals). Trainer style shoes are permitted, but they should not have white or coloured logos or soles. School socks need to be black, white or grey.

Respect for our Neighbours

Please can all parents ensure that they are respectful to our neighbours by parking legally and thoughtfully. Sadly, one of our neighbours was very upset by some parents this week who made some inappropriate comments to her. Any disrespectful behaviour by parents or children towards members of the public reflects negatively on our school, so it is very important that all members of the school community are mindful of this.

Social Media

Please remember that negative comments on social media about the school reflect badly on the whole school community. If there is an issue you wish to discuss, we are always willing to do so. Please make an appointment through the office.

Lost Bracelet

A silver bracelet was found in church after the leaver’s service last term. If you think it might be yours, please contact the office with a description so that we can return it to its rightful owner.

Roald Dahl Day

On Tuesday 13th September 2016, Roald Dahl, a favourite children’s author for many years, would have been celebrating his 100th Birthday. We are going to celebrate by enjoying his work throughout the week and by dressing up as a character from one of his books on Tuesday. Who will you be ?

Parent information meetings

There will be a short parent information meeting in classes 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 after school next Thursday. The teachers will give you information about topics, homework and other arrangements.

Please pop in when you come to pick up your children. The information will be made available for those parents who are unable to attend after the meeting.


Commendations this week went to Jeremiah Oyetunde- for being really helpful and working hard ; Ellie Allen-Moss- for helping others ; Jack Webb- for trying hard to work independently ; Caleb Chen- for working independently ; Chloe Taylor- for an excellent start to Year 2 ; Jack Robinson- for always setting a fantastic example ; Kai Davis- for persevering with his work to write an exciting story ; Deborah Ajayi- for always trying her best ; Aaron Hick- for reading with excellent expression ; Faye Newman- for working sensibly and quietly all week and George Dignum- for ensuring that he is always ready to learn. Well done, everyone !

Work of the Week

Class 1 and 2 : Katie Snow- for her beautiful, careful art work; Class 3 and 4 : Charlotte Woods- for writing a very interesting, original story ending; Class 5 and 6 : Conor Hazelwood- for writing an excellent poem using personification.


Class 1 and 2 : 96.67% ; Class 3 and 4 : 100% ; Class 5 and 6 : 98.21%

Fantastic, class 3 and 4 !

Dates for the diary:

  • Monday 12th September- Reception children start school (half days for one week).
  • Tuesday 13th September- Dress up day for Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday.
  • Thursday 15th September- Parent information meetings 3pm.