Newsletter 16: 13th January 2017

 ‘The best that I can be’

Horses for Courses!

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a visit to Havering Country Park on Thursday morning to see the working Shire horses. We met a very strong horse called Joe who demonstrated how he could pull logs to clear areas of forest land where tractors cannot reach. We were able to give him a pat and ask him other questions about the work that he does. Thank you to Mrs. Buckley for organising this for us.

Suffolk punch horse

Winter Weather

Thank you for getting your children into school despite the weather this morning. We have salted some areas, but the car park may still be icy, as it is too big an area to treat. Please be extra careful when picking up your children tonight.

Young Voices at the 02

I would like to wish Mr. Matthews, Miss Smith and the choir every success in their Young Voices concert at the O2 on Monday evening. I am very excited about watching them perform and look forward to seeing some of you in the audience.


Clubs have been allocated and the children will receive their slips today. Please remember that each child can only attend 2 clubs.

Census Day Lunch

Thursday 19th January is census day. Please ensure that your child is in school that day and that they are having school lunch if at all possible. Our funding is seriously affected by the numbers present, so it is really important that as many children as possible have a school lunch. The menu for the day includes the children’s favourites : Roast chicken dinner or veggie sausage roll with roast potato, carrots, broccoli and Yorkshire pudding. Dessert will be iced sponge. The meal is free to all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. Thank you for your support.

Parking Considerately

Please can all parents who use the car park at the back of the school try to use all the space available to allow others to park. Thank you.


Commendations this week went to: Ruby Walton, for completing her art work to a high standard and then helping others; George Dignum, for persevering and finishing his art work ; Lou Lou French, for being a kind and helpful member of the class ; Tommy Randall, for trying his best in everything he does and always having a smile on his face ; Blake Turner, for an excellent effort when practising his writing ; Eva Ali, for excellent phonics work and sentence writing and Stevie Makepeace, for trying hard to form letters clearly and with even spacing . Well done, everyone!

Work of the Week

Reception : Alicia Moran- for a brilliant effort to use joined up writing.

Class 1 and 2 : Chloe Taylor- for her story writing, including some correctly used speech marks.

Class 3 and 4 : Jack Robinson- for writing a fantastic rhyming poem based on one he read.

Class 5 and 6 : Joy Akinyemi- for writing in role as Sir Kay from ‘The Sword in the Stone’.


Well done to Elena Marshall, who achieved her 200m badge for swimming.


Reception: 99.38%; Class 1 and 2: 98.57%; Class 3 and 4 : 97.50% ; Class 5 and 6 :98.08%

A big improvement- let’s keep it up !

Dates for the diary:

  • Monday 16th January- Choir concert at the 02 arena.
  • 13th-17th February- Half Term Holiday
  • 22nd February- Termly Learning Conferences

Mrs. Kathryn Waters