Newsletter 19: 3rd February 2017

 ‘The best that I can be’

Our Wonderful Writers

I have been so impressed with the quality of the children’s writing this week. I have seen so many examples of high quality, creative and expressive work and technically impressive factual writing across the school. Here is an example from class 5/6 :

The Lady of Shalott: an elegy by Oliver Mahoney

Bury her deep under the

Surface of Camelot.


Bury her in the finest piece of land

for she was the finest woman.


She will be remembered throughout the

years of long-lasting Camelot.


The tower she was once trapped in –

Gone, dead like the Lady of Shalott.


Let her spirit run free and

her soul go to heaven, let her rest in peace.


Let the Lord treat her like she should

have been treated before she

got trapped in the awful tower.


She was as beautiful as the sun,

She had a soul as beautiful

as she once was.


Let her body lay there safe

Protected by the Lord.


The tapestries hang where she once lived,

The Lady of Shalott.


Marathon Woman!

When Miss Smith isn’t busy teaching Class 3 and 4 (or eating all the coins out of the school advent calendar!), she’s training hard to run the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April. She’ll be telling us all about how her training’s going and about Campus Children’s Holidays, the charity she’s running for, next half term and we’ll even be organising a mini marathon at school! If you’d like to find out more, or sponsor her to help her reach her target, you can have a look at her fundraising page at Kindness Week

Kindness Week

Next week we’re celebrating ‘Kindness Week’ across the whole school, linked to our Core Christian Value of Compassion. We’ll be doing lots of activities themed around being kind and caring towards each other at school and in the wider world, and we’d love to hear ways the children have been kind at home as well. Send us in a note or just pop a message to your child’s class teacher on ClassDojo and we’ll make sure their efforts are celebrated.

Healthy Breakfast

Please ensure that you give your children a healthy, filling breakfast in the morning before school. Several children have been complaining of being very hungry during the morning and when asked, have said that they have not had breakfast.

Parking and Driving Complaints

I really do not like complaining to parents about parking- however, I do need to think of the children’s safety and of our reputation in the local community. Please could I ask that you do not park across our neighbours’ driveways and please stick to the 5m.p.h speed limit in the car park. Thank you for your co-operation.


Commendations this week went to: Ruth Airen and Maansi Chagger, for their chalk artwork inspired by ‘The Lady of Shalott’ ; Conor Hazelwood, for completing a challenging maths puzzle in his own time ; Brooke Thorn, for getting more writing done ; Milo Shorter and Ellie Allen-Moss for earning the most Dojo points ; Aaron Hick, for working very hard in every single lesson and always having a positive attitude, Aaliyah Bimpong, for excellent effort in her poetry work ; Ava Shorter, for an excellent piece of independent writing and Blake Turner, for brilliant reading. Well done, everyone!

Work of the Week

Reception : Isabelle Mahoney- great improvement in phonics and writing.

Class 1 and 2 : Fae Dignum- excellent factual writing about spiders.

Class 3 and 4 : Deborah Ajayi- a fantastic rhyming narrative poem.

Class 5 and 6 : Oliver Mahoney- a moving elegy for the Lady of Shalott.

Pen Licence

Pen licences were awarded to Imogen Snell and Abigail Lee for consistently neat, cursive writing.


Congratulations to Willow Snell who has passed her Grade 8 gymnastics and Imogen Snell who has achieved both Grade 6 & 7 gymnastics.


Reception: 100%; Class 1 and 2: 99.29%; Class 3 and 4 : 95 % ; Class 5 and 6 : 95.38%

Dates for the diary:

  • 7th February- E-safety day
  • 13th-17th February- Half Term Holiday
  • 22nd February- Termly Learning Conferences
  • 2nd March- World Book Day

Mrs. Kathryn Waters


The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Forgiveness’