Dear Parents/ Carers,

The children and staff have been working very hard again this week. We also had the pleasure of attending the collective worship team’s first assembly, which was planned and run completely by the children. I was very relieved that the snow didn’t disrupt us. Let’s hope this continues!

New School Website

We are very excited to announce that out new school website is now live. Please go to from now on to find up-to-date information about the school. We would welcome any feedback from parents and children. I will be demonstrating how to navigate the website during parent consultation evening.

Book Fair

Some of you have already visited the book fair and made purchases, which is wonderful. We now have the facility to pay by card, so don’t let a lack of change put you off! The book fair will be open after school every night until Wednesday, and during parent consultation evening. Please support us to raise money for school library books.

School Nurse

If you wish to discuss any health concerns relating to your child, please come in and see the nursing team between 8.30am and 9.30am on Monday 9th February.

Parent View

It is always lovely when parents come and tell me how happy they are with the school, how well their children are progressing and how happy they are. I would encourage you to share these thoughts with Ofsted, via their ‘Parent View’ site. It only takes a few minutes and they do look at it before they inspect the school. There is a link on the parents page of the website.

Parent Consultation Evening

You should receive your appointment slip this afternoon. If you have not requested an appointment, there are still some spaces left, but please be aware that you may not get your first choice of time.

Parking and the Reputation of the School

I received a further complaint from a neighbour because someone picking up a child from our school used her driveway to turn round. When she challenged him on this, she was sworn at and intimidated. This kind of behaviour from parents and carers is not only a terrible example to the children, but is very damaging to the reputation of the school. The police are likely to become involved in this incident.


Louisa Gordon, Daniel Davies, Harry Newman, Katie Percival

Well done everyone!

Fundraising Request from Mrs Goodison

My friend’s 23 year old brother underwent brain surgery in January to remove a tumor.  He has been diagnosed with having Chordoma, a rare type of cancer. He is now preparing to go for more life saving treatment in Jacksonville Florida.  Please help raise the much needed funds for his care by buying an Owl.  I am making these to order at £12 each.  Please contact Nichole Goodison to place your order: or ask Mrs Wakeman for her phone number.

Please like and share for further info on fundraising events.

If you can support in any way, please do.

owls 2

Pen Licences

Well done to William Smyth and Finlay McKeown who have earned their pen licences for consistently neat, cursive writing.

Headteacher’s Award

Congratulations to Amelia Stanley of class 1, who was awarded this week’s Headteacher’s award for her wonderful contributions to school life.

Attendance Success

3 out of 4 classes have exceeded the Local Authority target of over 96% this week: Class 2 had 97%; Class 1 had 98% and Class 3 a magnificent 100%. Well done!

Dates for the diary:

  • Monday 9th February 2015- School Nurse drop-in 8.30am
  • Tuesday 10th February 2015- Parent consultation evening 2pm-6.30pm
  • Friday 13th February 2015- Book Week dress up day.
  • Week beginning Monday 16th February- Half Term
  • Monday 23rd February 2015- INSET day: School closed to children
  • Wednesday 25th February 2015- Parent Voice event: Homework focus. 9.15-9.45am
  • Thursday 7th May 2015- School closed for polling day

 With warmest wishes

Mrs Kathryn Waters