Newsletter 20: 10th February 2017

 ‘The best that I can be’

Kindness Week

The children have been making an extra effort to be kind this week. We have had the opportunity to give praise and stickers to lots of children, for showing our core Christian value of compassion to others. These children showed particular kindness at home or at school, for example by caring for their siblings, washing up or helping people when they were hurt or upset: Jack Robinson, Jack Percival, Aaron Hick, Lexi Webb, Mo McCormack, Deborah Ajayi, Conor Hazelwood, Amber Gordon, Fern Collins and Katie Percival, Demi- Bleu Strunkey, Rhys Hayes, Harry Newman, Freddie French and Joy Akinyemi. They were noticed by members of staff, parents and peers.

Safer Internet Day

This week, we have been looking at how we can keep ourselves safe online. The children have been encouraged to tell an adult if they see anything that upsets or worries them. It goes without saying that parents have a vital role in ensuring that their children are safe online and not viewing inappropriate materials, having conversations with strangers, or making or receiving hurtful comments. There is a lot of information regarding e-safety on our school website and lots of materials on

Wedding Wishes

I am sure that you will all join me in wishing Miss Smith, our Class 3 & 4 teacher, a wonderful wedding day on Sunday and a very happy marriage. When she returns, her name will be Mrs. Omodara.

Goodbye, Mrs. Williams

Sadly, we are saying goodbye to Mrs. Williams (formerly Miss Davies), our Midday Meal Supervisor.She has been a fantastic member of staff and we will miss her; however, we are very fortunate to have Mrs. Webb starting with us after half term in her place.

Building Work

You may have noticed some strange markings in the playground this week. This is because builders are doing investigative work before they go ahead and start to replace 2 of our classrooms. This work is long overdue and I am excited that (all being well) our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will have brand new classrooms by the end of the summer. When the plans are all in place, parents will be invited to a meeting to hear about the building work and how it will affect the school.

Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Please send in your Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers and ask friends and family members to donate them too. There is a box in the corridor for the children to post them in.


Commendations this week went to: Sasha Goodison, for always going out of her way to be kind and helpful ; Faye Newman, for showing kindness to her friends and making sure people don’t feel left out ; Willow Snell, for a great effort in phonics this week ; Flo Jerrett, for always being kind to her friends and teachers ; Beau Maskell, for brilliant work on Noah’s Ark ; George Viney, for a well-written story introduction ; Katie Snow, for great effort with her independent writing ; Fae Dignum, for her story writing ; Freddie French, for impartially refereeing a basketball game for his friends ; Freddy Parrish, for earning the most Dojo points and Jessica White for her outstanding effort in both English and Maths . Well done, everyone!

Work of the Week

Reception : Oliver Garwood- always trying his best in phonics.

Class 1 and 2 : Milo Shorter- carefully thought out written work on the subject of kindness.

Class 3 and 4 : Kai Boorman- a funny, carefully written rhyming narrative poem.

Headteacher’s Award

This week’s Headteacher’s award went to Maddie Taylor for consistently living out our school motto : ‘The best that I can be’.


Congratulations to Poppy Whitcombe and Fern Collins for their recent success in their dance exams.


Reception: 91.88%; Class 1 and 2:93.21 %; Class 3 and 4 : 94.17 % ; Class 5 and 6 :97.69%

Finally, I would like to wish you all a happy half term holiday. I hope that you manage to spend some quality time with your families.

Dates for the diary:

  • 13th-17th February- Half Term Holiday
  • 22nd February- Termly Learning Conferences
  • 28th February- Pancake Day Special Menu
  • 2nd March- World Book Day- Special Book-based lunch menu

Mrs. Kathryn Waters

The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Forgiveness’