New Kits and Tracksuits

We would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Mr. Davies, Daniel’s dad, for sponsoring our school sports kit. We now have 20 new tracksuits and 20 new kits for the children to wear for competitions.

 School Piano

Thank you to the Ascension Church in Collier Row for donating their piano to the school. Once it is tuned, we will be able to make very good use of it. Thanks to the Stanley and Snell families for organising the donation and transporting the piano.

Friends of Dame Tipping

Hello from the new look Friends of Dame Tipping team! The team is now represented as follows: Chairman – Victoria Makepeace, Vice Chairman – Jason Wapling, Secretary – Kay Percival & Treasurer – Marcia Hagon. I have had the opportunity to meet with Dani Davies this week for the official handover so we are off and running! We are really keen to further improve the communication channels between “The Friends” and parents of the school, therefore we have decided a good way to move this forward is for each year group to be represented by a parent who can keep everybody within that year continually included and updated with current and future events. We are hoping that this will also be an easier option for parents to make any thoughts or suggestions known to “The Friends”. As a parent at Dame Tipping, this automatically includes you as a member of The Friends of Dame Tipping, but we do understand that other life commitments can prevent you being able to attend regular meetings; therefore having a Year Rep should hopefully make everyone feel included. As a result of the above we would like to invite all parents to our 2016 Welcome Meeting on Monday the 8th February at 8pm at The Orange Tree pub, Orange Tree Hill. This is a good opportunity to meet the new team, put yourself forward as a Year Group Rep, make any future event suggestions or just have a glass of wine! We are really excited about all of the changes within “The Friends” team and the year ahead. We are now well on our way with the fundraising for the new playground and we will be creating a fundraising chart within the school for everyone to be able to keep track. I feel positive that with a few more fun filled events that it won’t be long before all of our children will be having fun on their new playground equipment.

Many thanks and look forward to working with you all. Vicki Makepeace P.s If you are keen to be a part of The Friend’s of Dame Tipping or a Year Group Rep but cannot make the 8th February please let myself, Jason, Kay or Marcia aware or please email

Book Fair

We have already had a few customers for the book fair and hope to see more of you this evening and next week. Remember- the school receives a generous commission on all books purchased, which is all used to buy more books for the school.

Dangerous Parking

You may have heard in the national press that some Havering schools now have the police and CCTV monitoring parents’ parking. Dangerous parking outside these schools will lead to prosecution. The schools have taken this action to prevent a serious accident or fatality occurring. Please can you ensure that you do not park on the blind bend near the school, or mount the pavement where children are parents are walking along, as the children’s safety is far more important than parents saving a few minutes during the school run. Thank you for your co-operation.


We’ve had a really good week for attendance.

Attendance for each class this week:

Reception- 97.33%; Class 1 and 2- 98.33%; Class 3 and 4- 100%; Class 5 and 6- 99%.

A special congratulations to class 3 and 4 for 100% attendance.


Commendations this week went to Joshua Airen, Hermione McCormack, Jack Robinson,

Imogen Snell, Jack Webb, Chloe Taylor, Brooke Thorn, Jeremiah Oyetunde, Coral Stoker and Katie Snow.

Well done to all of you !

Work of the Week

Class 5 and 6 work of the week was awarded to Scarlett Clarke, for her beautifully published Arthurian Legend, Class 3 and 4’s to Elaina Goodison for her suffix and prefix work and Class 1 and 2’s was awarded to Tobi Oyetunde for including the correct features in his information writing.

Gold Book

Well done to Faye Newman, Amber Gordon, Tiffany Sosanya, Milo Shorter, Lexi Webb, Katie Percival, Deborah Ajayi, Aaliyah Bimpong, Josh Thurbon, Finlay McKeown and Ruby Walton  for earning their place in this week’s Gold Book for excellent learning behaviour.


Apologies for the mistakes made in last week’s newsletter (a misspelt name, etc…) I will check it more thoroughly this week!

Dates for the diary:

  • Thursday 4th February-Wednesday 10th February- Book Fair 3-4pm
  • Friday 5th February- Movie Night (school council event) 3pm-5pm
  • Tuesday 23rd February- Parents’ evening 2pm-6.30pm