Shakespeare Week

I’m sure your children have told you about the activities they have been taking part in during Shakespeare Week. Class 3 and 4 put on a great mini-production of ‘Macbeth’ yesterday. I was so impressed with their use of Shakespearean language and with their acting skills. We have decided to repeat the performance for any Class 3 and 4 parents who can make it at 9am on Tuesday morning in the school hall.

Read for Good  Readathon

Thank you to all those parents who encouraged their children to read for this worthy cause.

We raised £168.15 altogether. A special mention goes to Paul Olusegun who raised a very impressive £62. Well done to all of the children who took part.

Book Fair

The book fair is on today and next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is a great selection of books and other items and card payments are accepted. Children may use their World Book Day vouchers to receive a discount on a book they choose. The school receives commission on all the books bought by our parents, so your children will have double the reading pleasure! We look forward to seeing you all there.

Supporting the School to Support Your Child

I would like to assure parents that sanctions are handed out to children in order to support their character development, to help them to make the right choices and to enable them to accept that their actions have consequences. It is therefore vital that parents support the school in this, to ensure that their child understands how important it is that they follow the instructions of the adults who work with them. We are always happy to discuss your child’s behaviour with you so that we can support them together to make the right choices. Thank you for your co-operation with this as we work together to help your children develop into thoughtful, responsible young people.


Mrs Squirrell is our qualified ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Ambassador). She has already made a positive impact on many of our children in terms of their emotional wellbeing. Please take a look at the leaflet on the website for more details.


Reception and 1 : 92.90% ; Class 2 : 95.71% ; Class 3 and 4 : 98.89% ; Class 5 and 6 : 98.52%

Work of the Week 15th March

Reception/Year 1-  Nicole Louca for writing a fantastic character description of Supertato

Class 2- Beau Maskell for her hard work recalling the properties of shape

Class 3/4- Jack Webb for an excellent explanation text and Gracie Bartram for her perseverance learning to tell the time.

Class 5/6-  Kai Boorman for a lively piece of writing

Commendations 15th March

Reception/Year 1-  Muzi Ncube for beautifully presented written work and India Walsh-Farren for an excellent effort in Phonics

Class 2- Tyler Randall for persevering with his personal targets in writing

Commendation – Willow Snell for being a wonderful friend and a super helper around the classroom

Class 3/4- Miller Davis for hard work and perseverance and Jaeden Aberdeen for showing kindness to others.

Class 5/6- Commendation – Jack Robinson for being an excellent role model for us all

Work of the Week 22nd March

Reception/Year 1- Danielle Moran for writing excellent independent sentences

Class 2- Wow- Kayan Pokar for his fantastic explanations and reasoning in Maths.

Class 3/4- All of Class 3 and 4 for an excellent class production of  ‘Macbeth’

Class 5/6- Jamie Goodman – for an impressive knowledge of Twelfth Night and all its plot complications

Commendations 22nd March

Reception/Year 1-  Amelia  for re-telling the story of Supertato with fantastic expression and enthusiasm and Emaan Jan for a brilliant effort in reading and phonics

Class 2- Ella Murch for her wonderful attitude in all she does and the compassion that she shows towards others every single day.

Class 3/4- All of Class 3 and 4 for working together and showing friendship and perseverance

Class 5/6- Sasha Goodison – for her attentiveness and reliability

Well done to Evie Parrish for coming first in her horse riding competition ; to Ella Murch for achieving her 50m, 100m and Stage 7 swimming certificates and to Kai Boorman for being successful in auditioning to act in an advert (which he filmed this week).

Dates for the Diary

Friday 12th April- Easter Service at St. John’s Church 1.30pm.

Dates for the Diary from the Friends of Dame Tipping

Mothers’ Day Breakfast- 29th March 2019

Fathers’ Day breakfast- 14th June 2019


Mrs. Kathryn Waters

The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Forgiveness’