Newsletter 26: 23rd April 2018

‘The best that I can be’

Welcome back for the final term of this academic year- it’s gone so quickly! The children have settled back into their learning and with all the assessments ahead, have already had to get their heads down.

We will ensure that when all the assessments are out of the way, they will have plenty of opportunities for more practical learning and (if the weather holds) lots of outdoor learning too.

Please remember that you have a really vital role to play in your child’s education, so please talk to them about what they have been learning in school, read with them and support them with the homework they are given. This really does make all the difference!

Class 3 and 4 Visit to Colchester Zoo

Class 3 and 4 had a very enjoyable time at Colchester Zoo on Friday. They also had a chance to explore further the question: ‘Are zoos good or bad?’ which will lead to some very persuasive writing, I am sure.

Lenten Appeal Final Total

After a few additional donations, we exceeded our Lenten appeal target and raised a total of £378.40. Thank you so much for your generosity. We received a lovely email of thanks from Pippa who runs the Pageant charity that we support.

Book Fair Success

The Book Fair was a great success and we sold £750 worth of books, giving us over £350 in commission. Thank you for your support with this.

Special ‘Barnyard Bash’ Menu

We have a special menu on Wednesday 25th April: Red Tractor Hot Dog with Straw Fries, Old Macdonald’s Macaroni Cheese with Garlic Bread, sides of Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob and
Little Bo Peep’s Iced Muffin for dessert.

Squid Lunch Account

Please make sure that you top up your sQuid lunch account. You will be informed by sQuid when your purse drops below £5.00. Please make sure that any overdue payments are made as soon as possible.

A Cashless School

From September, we intend to go fully cashless as a school. If you are not signed up to sQuid, please make sure you do so over the next few weeks, as we will not be accepting cash payments for trips, clubs, or school lunches.

Clubs This Week

Sports clubs begin this week. If you would like your child to attend, please pay on sQuid and return the form to Mrs Potts. Tuesday is Y4,5,6 boys’ cricket and rounders, Wednesday is Reception, Y1 and Y2 Summer multi-sports and Thursdays are Y4,5,6 girls’ cricket and rounders.

School Lunches

We have had some lovely messages from parents to say how much their children enjoy the school lunches. Please encourage your child to have a school lunch if they do not already. They really are delicious. You will have a chance to have a taster if you attend the opening on 27th April. Meals are free to all children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 and cost £2.20 for KS2 children (payable on sQuid).

Work of the Week

Reception- Noah Chen- for excellent maths work
Class 1&2- Rhiannon Geca and Oscar Knight- for their hard work in improving their handwriting.
Class 3&4- For careful fractions work in Maths.
Class 5&6- Bonny-Blu Kedadi- for her excellent science fiction story.


Reception- Archie Ormes- for a fantastic effort in all activities this week
Class 1&2- Freddy Parrish- for his determination and drive in all he does. He is a fantastic role model to his peers.
Class 3&4- Maisie Randall- for thoughtful contributions to class discussions about zoos.
Class 5&6- Imogen Snell- for achieving a balance of quality and quantity in her writing and Scarlett Blackshaw, for excellent effort in her school work.


Well done to Oliver Garwood for achieving his red belt in Karate

Well done, everyone!


Reception- 95.38% ; Class 1&2- 98.33% ; Class 3&4- 95.19% ; Class 5&6- 100%
Amazing, class 5 and 6!

Dates for the Diary

Friday 27th March- Grand opening of classrooms and menu tasting- parents invited from 2.30pm
Week Beginning 14th May- KS2 SATs week
Monday 21st May- Kingswood meeting for class 5 and 6 parents- 3pm
Week Beginning 4th June- Class 5/6 Residential Visit.

Mrs. Kathryn Waters

The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Truthfulness’