Newsletter 27: 28th April 2017

 ‘The best that I can be’

The children have been working hard this week and are already fully involved in their new topics. Clubs have also begun and the children have really enjoyed their extra-curricular learning.

As you may have seen on class Dojo, Mrs. Omodara successfully completed the marathon in

4 hours 41 minutes. She told the children all about it in assembly on Tuesday.

SATs Tests

It is getting close to that time of year when the children sit their KS1 and KS2 SATs tests. I am sure that you have read in the press that the tests have become more challenging over the past 2 years. We work hard at school to prepare the children for the tests, whilst not putting them under undue pressure; however, it is still important that the children do the best that they can when it comes to test day. Please ensure that your child is in school every day, that they have had a good night’s sleep and that they have had a good breakfast. Year 6 SATs take place during the week beginning 8th May and Year 2 SATs begin on 15th May.

General Election

The school is being used as a polling station for the general election on Thursday 8th June, so we will be closed to pupils on that day. We are also closed on May 4th, as this was set as an INSET day at the beginning of the academic year.

Secondary Transfer Meeting

Please can all parents of Year 5 children make themselves available for a meeting regarding transfer to secondary schools on Friday 16th June at 3.15pm. There will be a representative from Havering Admissions to talk you through the application process and to answer your questions.

Term Time Holidays

I have received lots of requests to authorise term time holidays. Please note that holidays during term time will not be authorised and the local authority may issue a fine to those parents who take their children on unauthorised holidays.

Fidget Spinners

Please note that ‘Fidget Spinners’ should not be brought into school. Any brought to school from now on will be confiscated.

Class Dojo

If you have not already signed up to class Dojo, please do so. Teachers are increasingly using Dojo to communicate messages, so please check daily if possible.

Mini Marathon

We had a special assembly today, where the fastest boy and girl from each year group received their prizes (Mrs. Waters received a certificate for her 2 mile run too!). One child from each year group also received a commendation for displaying the school’s core Christian values on race day, so well done to: Bradley Allen-Guinane, Ruth Airen, Jack Robinson, Mojola Awosan, Naa Dedei Osaji-Okai, Rhys Hayes and Evie Williams. They showed us great examples of friendship and perseverance.

The top fundraisers in each class were: Kayan Pokar (£55); George Viney (£47.50); Sasha Goodison (£72.40) and Joy Akinyemi (£60). Zachary Teshola, Jessica White and Elaina Goodison also managed to raise over £50 each. The grand total raised by the mini marathon so far is £1,133.79.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Mrs. Omodara and Campus Children’s Holidays. If you still have money to give in, it is not too late: any money sent in after the weekend will still be sent to the charity.


Congratulations to these children who received commendations this week: Neve Collins, for her perseverance in her SATs revision; Amber Gordon, for completing an excellent WW1 poster at home; Joy Akinyemi, for always being polite, well-mannered and ready to learn; Kai Boorman, for his amazing way of remembering the difference between obtuse and acute angles; Krish Chagger, for working with renewed vigour; Jaeden Aberdeen, for making a positive start in his class, working hard and forming new friendships; Tom Marshall, for scoring the highest Dojo points in the class; Isabelle Mahoney, for always being kind and caring to her peers and Tyler Randall for a big improvement in his number work. Well done, everyone!

Work of the Week

Reception: Alicia Moran- always presenting her written work beautifully.

Class 1/2: Rhiannon Geca- trying very hard with her writing: both story writing and information writing.

Class 3/4: Archie Jerrett and Tommy Randall- creating an excellent persuasive TV advert.


Well done to Elena Marshall for achieving her level 9 swimming certificate and for being on the winning team of the cub’s scooter rally, to Tom Marshall for achieving his level 3 swimming certificate and to Sapphire Hagon for coming first in her trampoline competition.


Reception: 91.88%; Class 1 and 2: 93.57%; Class 3 and 4 : 97.92% ; Class 5 and 6 : 97.04%

I hope that you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend- let’s hope we have some sunshine! See you on Tuesday 2nd May.

Dates for the diary:

  • Monday 1st May- Bank holiday
  • Thursday 4th May- School closed to pupils- INSET Day
  • Friday 5th May- Nurse Drop-in session (8.30am)
  • Monday 8th May- KS2 SATs week begins
  • Thursday 8th June- School closed to pupils- General Election
  • Friday 16th June- Secondary Transfer Meeting for Year 5 Parents

Mrs. Kathryn Waters


The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Respect’