Grand Opening of Classrooms and Foyer
Here are some photos of last week’s opening. We were also featured on Time 107.5fm. You can still listen to the interview on the ‘listen again’ feature from Monday’s 8-10pm show (1 hour and 30 minutes in).

Veggie Run App and Competitions
HES catering services have launched their ‘Veggie Run’ app in order to promote healthy eating in Primary schools. If you search Veggie Run on the App Store or Google Play, you can download it for free. Pupils in other schools have already started playing and have won some great prizes, including a bike!

Kingswood Meeting
Parents of all children who are going to Kingswood are invited to a meeting on 21st May straight after school, where we will give you more details about the visit and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. Please attend if at all possible, as the date of the visit is now only a few weeks away.

SATs Breakfast Club
We will be providing a breakfast club for all Year 6 pupils during SATs week (Monday-Thursday). We will start at 8.15am and all food will be provided for the children free of charge.

Use of Google Accounts
All children at Dame Tipping have a specified Google address for use in their Computing and ICT lessons and across the curriculum. Although the accounts can be accessed outside school, they should only be used for school work. A few pupils have been sending emails which are unrelated to school. I have explained to the children that the school can see everything they do on their Google accounts, but it is important that parents are also vigilant. Thank you for your co-operation with this.

Special Census Day Menu
On Thursday 17th May, we have a special ‘Fun at the Circus’ Census Day menu. As you know, our funding is affected by the number of pupils having school meals on census day, so please ensure that your child has a school meal on the 17th if at all possible. I can vouch for the fact that the meals are delicious. The menu is: Beef Big-Topped Wedges, Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Curly Fries, sweetcorn and peas and an Ice Cream Tub. The usual fresh fruit, yoghurt and cheese and crackers will also be available.

INSET days
The one remaining INSET day of the year is on the 20th July 2018, therefore the last day of term for the children will be Thursday 19th July.

Work of the Week
Reception- Rosie Robinson, for excellent independent writing.
Class 1&2- Demi-Bleu Strunkey, for her excellent work on fractions.
Class 3&4- JJ Jan, for excellent reasoning work on fractions and decimals.
Class 5&6- Ruth Airen, for a well structured and well written formal letter.

Reception- Evie Parrish, for being kind and helpful to her friends.
Class 1&2- Michelle Nehmara, for always persevering and for being an excellent role model.
Class 3&4- Fern Collins, for always having a positive attitude and always coming to school with a smile on her face.
Class 5&6- Nicole Mahoney, for becoming a more motivated and independent worker.

Well done to Caiden Boorman for achieving his level 3 swimming certificate.

Reception- 96.15 % ; Class 1&2- 96.67% ; Class 3&4- 97% ; Class 5&6- 95 %

Dates for the Diary
Week Beginning 14th May- KS2 SATs week
Monday 21st May- Kingswood meeting for class 5 and 6 parents- 3pm
Tuesday 22nd May- School Nurse drop-in- 8.30am
Week Beginning 4th June- Class 5/6 Residential Visit.
Wednesday 20th June- School Nurse drop-in- 8.30am
Saturday 30th June- Friends of Dame Tipping Family Fun Day
Thursday 19th July- Leavers’ Service 1.30pm (St. John’s Church)
Friday 20th July- No school for pupils- INSET day

Mrs. Kathryn Waters

The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Truthfulness’