I have been ‘wowed’ once again by our children and staff this week. The Reception, Class 1 and 2 pupils, along with Miss North and Ms Holmes have done a really great job of transforming the outdoor learning area. They have created roads for the bikes, a world cup football area, sand and water play and many other exciting features. They have also tidied and cleaned all the equipment themselves and have worked amazingly well as a team. Thank you to all the parents who donated resources and equipment to make this fantastic transformation possible. You will have the opportunity to see the improvements when you visit for the open afternoon.

Sports Day
We hope all those of you who attended enjoyed sports day. The house winner will be announced to all those who were unable to attend as soon as possible. Thank you to Ms Holmes for organising the event and to the Friends for providing the refreshments.

Dame Tipping Family Fun Day
So the fun day is taking place tomorrow! Please do come along and enjoy all the things we will have on offer. There will be performances from the Dame Tipping Gospel Choir and Bethany and John ‘Daddio’ Clarke as well as Foundation Sports hosting kids’ and adults’ five-a-side football games and a performance from a local dance troupe.
We look forward to seeing you there!
The Friends of Dame Tipping

Whole School Art Project
We have been fortunate enough to book a professional artist, James Scott, to work with the children on a very special project for our new school foyer. The project will involve all the children and will reflect what is special about our school and our village. The idea is that the finished artwork will be a long-term fixture, visible to all who visit our school. In order for the project to go ahead, we will need to raise funds, so we are having one of our popular movie nights on Thursday 5th July. Please pay £5 for each of your children on sQuid if you would like them to attend. This price includes the film ‘Early Man’, popcorn and a drink.

Support Staff for Next Year
Support Staff will be based in the following classes next year, but will also be supporting individual pupils for interventions across the school :
Class 5 and 6 : Mrs. Johnson
Class 3 and 4 : Mrs Potts and Mrs Davies
Class 2 : Mrs Marshall
Class R & 1 : Mrs Hood, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Webb
Mrs Hick will continue to provide 1-1 support for individual children

Attendance and Achievement
Having prepared a report on the correlation between poor attendance and underachievement, I thought it would be interesting for parents to read the statistics. Please do consider the effects that not coming to school have on your child’s progress and attainment before booking term time holidays or keeping them off school for any other reason than that they are too ill to come in.

Number of pupils with attendance under 90% (persistent absentees) 6
Percentage of pupils with attendance under 90% 6.4
Number of pupils with attendance under 95% 21
Percentage of pupils with attendance under 95% 22
Percentage of pupils with attendance under 90% who are boys 17
Percentage of pupils with attendance under 90% who are girls 83
Percentage of pupils with attendance under 95% who are boys 19
Percentage of pupils with attendance under 95% who are girls 81
Percentage of pupils with attendance under 95% who have had term time holidays. 62

Out of 21 pupils with attendance under 95%:
7 did not achieve age related expectations
8 needed additional intervention to reach age related expectations
3 achieved age related expectations without intervention
3 exceeded age related expectations

An Amazing Achievement for Ella’s Dad
Class 1 and 2 have been tracking Ella’s dad, Nick Murch, as he swam the 22 miles across the North Channel. Check out the article about his challenge from The Times newspaper here :

Work of the Week
Reception- Zack Stafford , for an excellent effort and super writing in phonics
Class 1&2- Adaora Emechebe, for her fantastic writing and improved focus when creating her brochure
Class 3&4- Deborah Ajayi, for fantastic work on time and angles in maths and for learning all her lines for the play
Class 5&6- Oliver Mahoney, for a very well thought out and well-structured persuasive letter

Reception- Muzi Ncube, for playing nicely with his friends and working well in a team in the outdoor area
Class 1&2- Blake Turner, for persevering in all activities this week; Sian Stafford, for persevering with her handwriting; Ella Murch, for working hard in school and at home to perfect her cursive handwriting and Willow Snell, for improving her writing and not using capital letters in the middle of words.
Class 3&4- Lexi Webb, for always embodying our core Christian values and being the best that she can be
Class 5&6- Leah Moss for settling well to her new school, making friends and joining in

Headteacher’s Award
The Headteacher’s award was given to Jack Robinson for living out the school’s core Christian values every day.

Congratulations to Sapphire Hagon, for coming first in a singing festival ; Lo- Lou French for winning bronze in her karate fighting competition and and Jack Robinson for winning first place in the karate kata ; Imogen Snell for achieving her level 4 award in gymnastics and Kai Davis, for winning a football trophy for reaching the final in his tournament.

Year 1 and 2 really did the school proud in the Quad Kids competition this week.
Blake, Caiden, Oliver, Tyler, Kayan, Beau, Isabelle, Alicia, Ella, Nathan, Ben, Jaeden, Brooke, Katie, Yoanna and Rhiannon all did their very best and behaved extremely well. Well done to Nathan, who came first in his 300m race.

Well done, everyone !

Reception- 100% ; Class 1&2- 97.59% ; Class 3&4- 98.85 % ; Class 5&6- 97.31%
So much better than last week !

Dates for the Diary
Wednesday 27th June- Secondary Transfer talks for Year 5 parents
Friday 29th June- Sports day (weather permitting)
Saturday 30th June- Friends of Dame Tipping Family Fun Day
Wednesday 4th July- Reception and Class 1 and 2 Trip
Thursday 5th July- Visit from new Reception parents and children- 1pm-2.30pm
Thursday 5th July- Movie Night- 3-5pm
Monday 16th July- Class 5 and 6 musical showcase- 6pm
Tuesday 17th July- Open afternoon (an informal chance to see the children’s work)-3pm-4pm
Wednesday 18th July- Class 3 and 4 performance of ‘Alice’- 6pm
Thursday 19th July- Leavers’ Service 1.30pm (St. John’s Church)
Friday 20th July- No school for pupils- INSET day

K. Waters

The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Truthfulness’