Newsletter 36: 6th July 2018

‘The best that I can be’
We have had another fun-filled week at Dame Tipping. As well as continuing to make progress in our reading, writing, maths and all the foundation subjects, there have been school visits, rehearsals and lots of creative activities.

Dame Tipping Family Fun Day
What a great day we had last Saturday! Thank you to everyone who organised the event, came along to help and supported the school by attending. We will let you know how much money was raised and how it will be used to help your children once we have calculated the final totals.
Miller Davis, JJ Jan, Jack Webb, Kai Davis, George Viney and Jack Wallis all showed us the medals they won during the football tournament and Paul Olusegun won the trophy for the top goal score.

Colchester Zoo
Reception and Class 1 and 2 had a great day out at Colchester zoo on Wednesday. It was lovely to hear from the parent volunteers and staff who attended how interested the children were in the animals and how well they represented our school through their excellent behaviour.

School Uniform
It has been noted by staff and parents that many of our pupils are not wearing the correct school uniform, or are not wearing it smartly. I would like to reiterate that all polo shirts, jumpers and cardigans must have a gold school logo and all ties must be gold and burgundy. Whilst I understand that polo shirts can be bought more cheaply in a supermarket, plain polo shirts are not school uniform and do not last as long or wash as well as the ones from Red Oak Roller. We need our children to represent the school in its best light through their behaviour and through the pride they take in their appearance and uniform.

sQuid Payments
Please can I remind all parents that we will be going cashless from September (except for a very limited amount of fundraising events) so please ensure that you have signed up and that your account is working before the end of term. It would be a real shame if children were to miss out on trips and events because their parents are unable to use the payment system.

Clubs from September
Parents and pupils suggested in their feedback surveys that we need more after school clubs. I am pleased to announce that we will have a fuller timetable of activities in after school care from September. Sports clubs will cost £25 per term (as they are subsidised by our sports premium funding) and all other clubs and after school care (until 4pm) will cost £4.
After school care which continues after 4pm will remain at £10 per session.
Reception children are welcome at after school care and associated clubs, but we would recommend
that they do not take part in sports clubs in the first term.

Years R,1,2 and 3 Years 4, 5 and 5
Monday Drama Drama
Tuesday Art and Craft Football
Wednesday Football Art and Craft
Thursday Construction Netball
Friday Games and Puzzles Games and Puzzles

Tipping’s Got Talent
Our annual talent show will be held this year on the final day of term- Thursday 19th July. Prior to this the children will have a chance to audition for the main show on Monday 16th July for reception to year 4 and on Tuesday 17th July for years 5 and 6. Please encourage your children to come and show off their many talents and please remind them of any props or costumes needed for their act.

Mini-Enterprise Project 9th-13th July
Year 5 and 6 have been working on a mini enterprise project whereby they have had to think of a way to make money from an initial loan of £10 which they must pay back. Each of 5 teams has come up with a different idea for a product which they have had to design, market and research costs for, make and sell. Next week they will be holding their sales at break times.
Monday 9th July Strawberries and Ice-cream pots sold for £1
Tuesday 10th July ‘Sugar Shop’ – pick and mix sweet selections sold for £1
Wednesday 11th July ‘Digestive Designs and Drinks’ – decorated biscuits and a drink sold for 50p
Thursday 12th July ‘Sundae Vibez’ – Ice cream sundaes made to order for £1
Friday 13th July World Cupcakes – decorated cakes with a world cup theme sold for 50p
They have limited stocks so different classes will have priority on different days, but if children would like to purchase any of these items, they can bring in their money in the envelopes which they will be bringing home from school today. These can be given to a member of staff at the gate for safe keeping until break times.
Year 5 and 6 have learnt a lot about profit, quantities, budgeting, advertising and market research and hope that they will satisfy their customers with the quality of their merchandise!
Their profits will hopefully be buying them an end of term treat and then allow them to make a charitable donation.
Many thanks.
Class 5 and 6

Work of the Week
Reception- Archie Ormes, for excellent writing and drawing of our time at Colchester Zoo
Class 1&2- Demi-Bleu Strunkey, for her fantastic recount of our trip to Colchester Zoo
Class 3&4- Jack Wallis, for writing an interesting and detailed version of the story ‘Anansi and the Tug of War’
Class 5&6- Amber Gordon, for her mature creative writing.

Reception- Lily Nicholls, for fantastic behaviour and always showing our Core Christian Values and Molly Percival – for being kind and helpful to her friends
Class 1&2- Daniel Roberts, for showing kindness and thoughtfulness to his peers whilst at Colchester Zoo.
Class 3&4- Aaliyah Bimpong, for working very hard to improve her writing and listening to feedback.
Class 5&6- Fibian McKenzie and Lou-Lou French, for doing the right thing and respecting school rules.

Congratulations to Muzi Ncube for earning his Starfish award for swimming 5 metres, to Fibian McKenzie and Abigail Lee for completing a 3k colour run when they visited Becket Keys, to Brooke Thorn, for winning a tap dancing trophy and to Oscar Knight for achieving his stage 3 swimming award.

The following Year 5 and 6 pupils have achieved their survival awards at swimming :
Survival 1 : Aaron, Oliver, Nicole, Elena, Faye, Lou-Lou and Albert.
Survival 2 : Dylan, Imogen, Fibian, Scarlett, Elaina, Amber, Maansi

Chinaza, Amber, Aaron and Ruth from class 5 and 6 took part in the Havering Maths competition at Hall Mead School this morning. Whilst they did not achieve 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, they tried their best and answered lots of the very tricky questions.

Well done, everyone !

Reception- 98.5% ; Class 1&2- 97.2% ; Class 3&4- 97.7 % ; Class 5&6- 95.4%

Dates for the Diary
Monday 16th July and Tuesday 17th July- Tipping’s Got Talent auditions
Monday 16th July- Class 5 and 6 musical showcase- 6pm
Tuesday 17th July- Open afternoon (an informal chance to see the children’s work)-3pm-4pm
Wednesday 18th July- Class 3 and 4 performance of ‘Alice’- 6pm
Thursday 19th July- Leavers’ Service 1.30pm (St. John’s Church)
Friday 20th July- No school for pupils- INSET day

Mrs. Kathryn Waters
The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Truthfulness’