Newsletter 37: 16th July 2018

‘The best that I can be’

SATS success

I was so proud of our Year 6 children and the Year 5/6 team when I read the SATs results on Tuesday. Whilst the finalised results are not published until November, I can say that they are a huge improvement on last year’s results and this is due to the perseverance of the children and staff.
The children were very excited to receive their results and to learn that all their hard work paid off!

Art Project

Our Art Project with local artist James Scott was a real success. The finished work can be viewed in the foyer, so please pop in and have a look during the open afternoon tomorrow.

Thank you from Year 5 and 6

A huge thank you from Year 5 and 6 to all their customers for the Mini-Enterprise sales last week. The class has raised money to buy them an end of term treat at lunchtime today and has chosen to donate the remainder of the money to St Francis Hospice.

sQuid Payments

Please can I remind all parents that we will be going cashless from September (except for a very limited amount of fundraising events) so please ensure that you have signed up and that your account is working before the end of term. It would be a real shame if children were to miss out on trips and events because their parents are unable to use the payment system. Please also ensure that all outstanding sums are paid by Wednesday at the very latest.

Clubs from September

Parents and pupils suggested in their feedback surveys that we need more after school clubs. I am pleased to announce that we will have a fuller timetable of activities in after school care from September. Sports clubs will cost £25 per term (as they are subsidised by our sports premium funding) and all other clubs and after school care (until 4pm) will cost £4.
After school care which continues after 4pm will remain at £10 per session.
Reception children are welcome at after school care and associated clubs, but we would recommend
that they do not take part in sports clubs in the first term.

Lost Property

Lost property will be brought to the front of the school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so please retrieve any items belonging to your children. Any unnamed and unclaimed property will be disposed of during the holidays.

Work of the Week

Reception- Muzi Ncube, for fantastic reading
Class 1&2- Jaeden Aberdeen- for listening to advice and feedback to improve his writing.
Class 3&4- Mojola Awosan, for working very hard to learn lines, use props and stay in character
Class 5&6- Nicole Mahoney, for an engaging and well-written piece of creative writing


Reception- Harlee Hammond-Johnson, for his excellent effort in all activities
Class 1&2- Michelle Nemhara- for persevering in writing to write a fantastic recount.
Class 3&4- Tommy Randall, for being very helpful at rehearsals and stepping into any role
Class 5&6- Emily Harris, for showing kindness, consideration and selflessness


Fibian McKenzie has successfully gained one of the lead parts in David Walliams’
‘The Midnight Gang’. Fibian will be playing the part of Amber. This is Fibian’s first paid professional job. She will be at the Chichester Festival Theatre from 13th October 2018 until 3rd November 2018. I’m sure Fibian would appreciate any familiar faces in the audience. Well done, Fibian!

Swimming Awards

Personal survival 1:
Bonny-Blu Kedadi
Lou-Lou French
Aaron Hick
Nicole Mahoney
Oliver Mahoney
Elena Marshall
Faye Newman

Personal Survival 2:
Imogen Snell
Amber Gordon
Scarlett Blackshaw
Maansi Chagger
Abigail Lee
Dylan Alexander
Elaina Goodison
Fibian McKenzie

Zachary Teshola

Lenny Sains- a football medal for excellent dribbling skills
Tahir Ceesay- a silver medal in sprinting and a bronze medal in football
Oliver Mahoney- a runner up trophy for coming second in his football tournament.

Quad Kids

Well done to the following children :
Paul Olusegun- ranked in the top 50 overall
Aaliyah Bimpong- 26th place overall, 14th in the sprint and 12th in the long jump
Fae Dignum- ranked 11th overall, 10th in the sprint and 4th in the 400m
Beau Maskell- 9th in the jump event
Nathan Hughes- 3rd in the jump event.
These are really great achievements considering the sheer number of pupils across Havering who took part.

Well done, everyone !

Reception- 100% ; Class 1&2- 97.59% ; Class 3&4- 94.62 % ; Class 5&6- 97.69%
Amazing, Reception !

Dates for the Diary
Monday 16th July- Class 5 and 6 musical showcase- 6pm
Tuesday 17th July- Open afternoon (an informal chance to see the children’s work)-3pm-4pm
Wednesday 18th July- Class 3 and 4 performance of ‘Alice’- 6pm
Thursday 19th July- Leavers’ Service 1.30pm (St. John’s Church)
Friday 20th July- No school for pupils- INSET day

I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy summer holiday with your family and friends.
We return to school on Wednesday 5th September.

Mrs. Kathryn Waters