Newsletter 7: 13th October 2017

‘The best that I can be’

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. ”― Martin Luther King Jr.

Termly Learning Conferences

Please remember to hand your slips in by Monday at the latest. All of the children will be preparing work to share for you, so please make an appointment. It is a wonderful opportunity for your children to talk about their learning and for you to see how much progress they have made.

Healthy Lunches

Please ensure that if your child has a packed lunch, it only contains healthy items. Children should have a ‘main’ item, such as a sandwich, wrap or some pasta salad, with ‘sides’ such as fruit and salad. Too many children are coming in with chocolate bars, crisps and other items which are full of salt, sugar and fat. This week, there have been alarming statistics published regarding childhood obesity in this country. As a school, we always aim to promote healthy lifestyles, so please bear this in mind when shopping for your child’s lunch. All Reception and KS1 children are entitled to a free school packed lunch, which is freshly prepared and brought into school for them each day. These lunches contain the healthy items listed above, with an occasional sweet treat.

Winter Uniform After Half Term

If your child is in Year 1-6, they must wear winter uniform after half term. This means a shirt and tie and NO polo shirts. Trousers and skirts should be grey and socks and tights should be grey or black.

Harvest Festival

Next Thursday is our Harvest Festival at St. John’s Church. The children should bring a small gift of a non-perishable food item for the retired people of the village and a gold coin donation for the children’s chosen charity : Tear Fund

Head Lice

Please check your child’s hair for head lice and treat if necessary. Please follow the link for more information

Dame Tipping Gospel Choir

The choir will next meet on Wednesday 18th October, 6.30pm at the school. You do not need to be able to read music or be an experienced singer to join ; you just need to be over 16 and enthusiastic. Check out the school story on Class Dojo to hear our latest rehearsal.

Class 5&6 Kingswood Residential

Don’t forget that Monday is the deadline for the payment of the first deposit. Please let me know if you are not planning on sending your child on the visit, or if you would like more information.


Reception- Archie Ormes, for a great effort when writing his name.

Class 1&2- Brooke Thorn, for showing respect to adults and peers and for being kind to others.

Class 3&4- Kai Boorman, for a fantastic original fable and giving helpful feedback to his partner.

Class 5&6- For excellent effort and attainment in  their tests : Maansi Chagger, Alfie Makepeace and Aaron Hick- Maths and Imogen Snell and Bonnie-Blu Kedadi- Reading.

Work of The Week 

Reception- Molly Percival, for excellent counting and number recognition.

Class 1&2- Daniel Roberts, for for an improved effort in Maths and challenging himself to achieve more.

Class 3&4- Maisie Randall, for excellent work on column addition in Maths.

Achievements :

Well done to Eva Ali for achieving her ASA Stage 2 swimming award and to Elena Marshall for her Level 7 gymnastics award.

Congratulations to Sapphire Hagon, Emily Harris, Kai Boorman, Kai Davis and Tommy Randall for achieving their white stripe (25 metres) swimming award.

Pen Licences

Congratulations to Paul Olusegun for earning his pen licence for consistently neat, cursive handwriting.


Reception-  87.86% ; Class 1&2- 95.67% ; Class 3&4- 98.46% ; Class 5&6- 98.46 %

Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 17th October- Years 1-6 Termly Learning Conferences

Thursday 19th October- Harvest Festival at St. John’s Church- 9.30am

Friday 20th October- ‘Light Party’ (alternative to Halloween)- 3.15-5.00pm at Bower Hall

Wednesday 8th November- Reception Termly Learning Conferences 3.00-6.30pm

Monday 20th and Friday 24th November- Prospective parents open morning- 9.30am

Thursday 14th December- Reception and Class 1/2 Nativity

Friday 15th December- ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Brentwood Theatre

Monday 18th December- Class 5/6 Pantomime


Mrs. Kathryn Waters


The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Compassion’