Newsletter 7: 19th October 2018

‘The best that I can be’

Harvest Festival

We had a really lovely Harvest Festival yesterday. I was particularly impressed with the clarity of the bible readings by Mojola and Paul and the beautiful Harvest prayers written and read by Zachary, Aaron and Jack. Thank you for those of you who attended and for your generous food gifts. Your donations have been distributed among the retired people of the village and the local food bank.

Black History Month Workshops

The children have enjoyed Black History Month workshops with Mrs Bimpong and artist/illustrator Kiaski Donkor. The work they produced was fantastic!

Termly Learning Conferences

If you have not already returned the slip to arrange your child’s Termly Learning Conference, please do so either today, or on the Monday straight after half term. It is so important that all children and their parents/carers attend these conferences, as they give you a real insight into their learning, their progress and their targets for the future. Your child’s class teacher will let you know the time of appointment you have been allocated.

Communication With the School

Please ensure that you contact the school office if your child is going to be off sick. Do not rely on sending a message via Class Dojo, as teachers often do not have time to check this during the school day and it is Mrs Wakeman who checks the registers. You should call the office by 9am on the morning that they are absent.

Class Dojo is a great way for you to see what your child is learning, when something exciting has been happening in school, or if your child has been awarded Dojo points. The messaging service can be used by teachers to contact parents, but please avoid overusing this service and messaging teachers out of school hours to discuss issues at school. If you need to discuss a problem or issue, please call the school office and make an appointment to see the relevant member of staff.

Whilst all of our teachers are extremely dedicated to your child and their learning, they also deserve some time away from thinking about school and to focus on their own families.

Remembrance Service

Reverend David would like to invite you to the Remembrance service at St. John’s church on Sunday 11th November from 10am. We are hoping that some of our children will be able to take part in the service. Please put the date in your diary. More details to follow.


Reception and 1 : 95.33% ; Class 2 :98.5 % ; Class 3 and 4 : 99.31% ; Class 5 and 6 : 97.86%

Work of the Week

Reception/Year 1- Archie Ormes for excellent independent maths work.

Class 2- Michelle Nemhara for her hard work in maths and using known strategies to support her working out.

Class 3/4- Gracie Bartram for writing a very persuasive speech in character as Boudicca, convincing the Celts to fight the Romans.

Class 5/6- Elena Marshall- for persevering and achieving great results with long multiplication ;

Harry Haley- for reading a great amount and talking in detail about what he has read.


Reception/Year 1- Muzi Ncube- for excellent maths work using greater than, less than an equal to symbols.

Class 2- Sian Stafford- for showing how kind she is towards her friends and helping them when they need help.

Class 3/4- Demi-Bleu Strunkey- for showing friendship and compassion to her classmates by sharing her Harvest donations without being asked.

Class 5/6- Kai Davis, for staying calm and acting in a mature way in a challenging situation.


Well done to Rhys Hayes for achieving his level 4 swimming award.

Well done, everyone !


Finally, I would like to wish you all a lovely half term holiday.


Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 30th October 2018- Termly Learning Conferences 2- 6.30pm

Sunday 11th November- Remembrance Service at St. Johns Church 10am

Friday 16th November 2018- Children in Need non-uniform day

Thursday 22nd November 2018- Prospective Parents Talk and Tour

Saturday 1st December- LIFE Carol Concert at Frances Bardsley Academy- 7pm

Thursday 13th December 2018- Reception, 1 and 2 Nativity

Monday 17th December 2018- Class 5 and 6 Pantomime


K. Waters

Mrs. Kathryn Waters



The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Friendship’