Newsletter 8: 4th November 2016

 ‘The best that I can be’


We have now received the final OFSTED report for the inspection that took place on 4th October. I am delighted to tell you that we received a ‘Good’ rating. The inspector had many positive things to say about our school and the full report will be available on the OFSTED website in 5 days’ time. I will also post a copy on the website. The following gives a flavour of the report:

You have maintained the school’s nurturing, kind and caring environment and have also strengthened its Christian character. Pupils say that they enjoy being part of a small community. They are thoughtful and attentive and told me that they like coming to school because learning is fun. Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school and are polite and friendly.’

I would like to thank all the staff, pupils, governors and parents who have played a part in achieving this outcome and look forward to working with you all on our journey towards ‘Outstanding’.

School Photos

Please return your order forms for school photos by 7th November.

Parent Governor Elections

We are delighted that we had 4 parents who put themselves forward, or have been nominated as parent governors. Please vote for the candidate you feel would be most suited to the post by 14th November. Envelopes should be returned to Mrs. Wakeman in the office.

Royal British Legion Poppies

Poppies and other merchandise are still on sale for between 50p and £1. Please give generously for this worthy cause.

Reception Termly Learning Conferences

Please check your child’s yellow book for your time. There are often messages sent via this book, so please ensure that you check it daily.

Bug Club

All children have now been assigned with Bug Club books. Please have a go at logging on over the weekend and let us know if you have any problems. As well as reading books with comprehension activities, there are phonics and grammar games to play too. Mrs McCormack will be running support workshops for Bug Club in the very near future, so watch this space!

Class 5 and 6 Mathletics

Homework has been set for the Class 5 and 6 children on Mathletics this week. Other year groups will be setting homework very soon and your child will be informed when they have some to complete.

P.E and Cross Country

Next week in games (Tuesday) the children will be doing cross country running and will therefore require trainers and a change of socks please. Also, please remember that when PE kit is worn home after sports clubs it should be returned ready for the next games session.

Forest Club

There will be no forest club for Class 5/6 on Thursday next week due to the London Eye visit. Forest school will continue as usual for Year 2.

Unwelcome Visitors!

Unfortunately, we have had several cases of head lice this week. Please check your child’s head this weekend and, if necessary, treat them.

Pen Licences

Pen licences have been awarded to Sadie Turrell, Nicole Mahoney and Lexi Webb for consistently neat, joined writing.


Well done to Mikey Snow for achieving his Grey/White belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu .

Well done to Rhys Hayes for his participation certificate and trophy for football camp.


Commendations this week went to: Kai Boorman, for using excellent adjectives in his writing ; Mojola Awosan, for trying hard to edit her work independently ; Tiffany Sosanya, for her excellent efforts in writing ; Albert Gilbert, for his independent work in Science and Maths ; Joy Akinyemi, for settling so quickly into her new class ; Beau Maskell, for an excellent effort when writing her name ; Kaya Pokar, for brilliant, independent Maths work ; Freddy Parrish, for showing great kindess to his friends ; Coral Stoker, for trying really hard to sound out words by herself and Krish Chagger, for achieving a class record for reading the most books on Bug Club. Well done, everyone !

Work of the Week

Class 1 and 2 : Caleb Chen- for doubling numbers.

Class 3 and 4 : Deborah Ajayi- for writing an excellent original story using some very advanced grammar.

Class 5 and 6 : Freddie French- for his outstanding work calculating with decimals.


Reception: 96%; Class 1 and 2: 99%; Class 3 and 4 :92.31% ; Class 5 and 6 :96.55%

Dates for the diary:

  • Wednesday 9th November- Reception Termly Learning Conferences 3-6.30pm
  • Thursday 10th November- Class 5 and 6 Trip to London
  • Thursday 17th November- Class 3/4 assembly (Parents Welcome)- 9.00am

Mrs. Kathryn Waters



The Christian value we are learning about this term is ‘Trust’