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The children at Dame Tipping wear their uniform with pride and distinction. We believe our uniform policy;

  • helps to foster positive attitudes and high standards;
  • helps our pupils develop and identify a sense of belonging to the whole School community;
  • ensures all children are seen as equal, in dress at least, regardless of individual families’ financial circumstances;
  • enhances our security. The wearing of the School uniform enables staff to readily recognise our pupils, especially when pupils are out of the School during educational visits or otherwise representing the School at events;
  • assures both parents and teaching staff that the child is wearing clothes that are suitable for work in the School, thus removing any potential problems that changes in fashion could bring about;
  • encourages every child to take pride in his/her appearance and of Dame Tipping Primary School;
  • enables the local community of Havering-atte-Bower to readily identify and associate with our successful School;
  • is in keeping with the School’s ethos, the wearing of the School’s smart and practical uniform is an integral part in reflecting the School’s high standards and consistent approach to the delivery of sound, educational values.

The prescribed School Uniform

School Uniform can only be ordered from Red Oak Roller

Uniform options

  • Maroon sweatshirt (with the Dame Tipping logo)
  • Maroon cardigan (with the Dame Tipping logo)
  • Collared white t-shirt (with the Dame Tipping logo)
  • Grey trousers (must be worn with grey socks)
  • Tailored, knee length grey shorts (must be worn with long grey)
  • Grey regulation knee-length skirt (must be worn with white socks)
  • Grey tights
  • Yellow and white gingham or candy stripe dress (full length pattern)
  • Black Shoes (no heels or coloured markings)
  • School sunhat

School PE Uniform

All Dame Tipping Primary School children will be expected to wear the following prescribed School PE uniform:

Indoor PE/Activities/Games:

  • Black shorts
  • Round-necked plain white t-shirt (with the Dame Tipping logo)
  • Black plimsolls

It is not necessary to provide a tracksuit or trainers, whilst your child is in Reception.

We recommend shoes with velcro fastenings; they are much easier for young children to manage than laces.


Hair should be conventionally cut, well groomed, neither too short nor too long and not shaped or shaved into patterns or motifs. Moderate layering is acceptable but a sharp dividing line between long and short sections is not permitted. Hair should be natural in colour and style: hair additives, fashion styles, Mohicans and streaks are specifically forbidden. Hair accessories should be limited to simple ribbons, bands or clips and restricted to basic colours of maroon, gold or black.


Children are not permitted to wear earrings. Should parents wish to have children’s ears pierced, this should take place at the beginning of the summer holiday to allow time for ears to heal prior to return to school. Should parents be concerned that ear piercings may close; children may wear discreet, transparent and colourless plastic stoppers. They should not look in any way like an earring or fashion accessory. An example can be found via the link:

Nail Varnish/Make-up

The wearing of nail varnish or other cosmetic make-up is not allowed.


All children are required to wear sensible, comfortable black shoes without heels for the School day. The wearing of any kind of trainers, other than specifically for outdoor PE and games activities is not allowed.

We ask that parents take the P.E. kits home every half term to be washed. These must be returned on the first day of the new half term.

Please ensure all clothing worn at school is clearly marked with your child’s name (coats, scarves, trousers, polo tops, jumpers etc).

Your child will also need a school book bag. The book bag is the place to find school letters. Parents are advised to check the book bags every day. Whilst in school, children are encouraged throughout the year to become more independent about getting things from their books bags.

or children in Reception, Dame Tipping book bags and Dame Tipping P.E. bags are permitted but we would politely request no other bags or holdalls are used. A Dame Tipping holdall is available but we do not think it is necessary for children this young.

Our uniform should be worn correctly and with pride. Please ensure that your child always has the correct uniform and PE kit. Uniform should be clean and smart. Children not wearing the correct uniform will be given a uniform letter and will be expected to wear the correct uniform the following day.